Measuring Metrics for a Customer Support AI Agent | AI Strategy to Blueprint

Denys and Tahsim discuss CX metrics for AI agents across crawl, walk, and run. They delve into 12 detailed metrics, share a comprehensive financial model for implementation, and explore the practical usage of AI in automating customer support.

00:00 Introduction to CX Metrics for AI Agents
00:22 Meet the Hosts: Denys and Tahsim
01:11 Overview of Topics
01:58 Pre-Event Poll Insights
05:07 Building AI Agents: The TICO Journey
08:22 Metrics for Customer Experience and Support
09:30 Automation and Augmentation in Customer Support
12:46 Challenges and Iterations in AI Deployment
13:43 Cost and Performance Optimization
17:30 Levels of Support and Ticket Automation
22:11 Full vs. Partial Automation
24:55 Historical Data and Future Directions
26:05 Shifting Focus in Customer Support
27:05 Impact of AI on Support Metrics
27:58 Understanding User Journeys with TICO
30:19 Financial Implications of Support Automation
32:46 Revenue Generation through CX
36:35 The Future of Support Teams
40:53 Financial Models and Metrics
47:06 Key Takeaways and Q&A

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