Harley - Introducing Harley | Vevo DSCVR Artists To Watch 2024

Introducing Harley | Vevo DSCVR Artists To Watch 2024

“La puissance vient d’chez nous,” says Harley in his hit, “Supalife 4.” It’s a philosophy that’s hard to refute. “The power comes from within us.” The French rapper with the playful flow and the crisp beats certainly doesn’t show any weakness when he’s on the mic. He introduced himself to fans with 2020’s moody “NWAR,” but his “Supalife” track (or should we say his “Supalife” tracks - iterations of the original comprised a small tsunami) not only turned lots of heads on the streets of Paris, but made their way to many Western Europe dance clubs. If a track can be rough and smooth at the same time, this is it. With a mix of Afrobeats and amapiano riddims driving the action, Harley sounded like he was riding the bullet train. Those flexes that come so quickly from the rapper’s mouth have clout, which is one reason that taken in total, the four “Supalife” chapters became a candid look into the artist’s perspective of the culture that nurtures his sound as well as his promise to keep things real as he progresses. Harley also likes to keep things short and sweet when he delivers the goods. That way they have more impact. “Supalife 1” was a mere :62 seconds long, and its third cousin only stretched to 1:20. Nevertheless a portrait emerged as the agile rapper unpacked poetic opinions of his life. From Villeneuve-Saint-Georges - just 15 kilometers down the snaking Seine from the Latin Quarter - he’s making plenty of inroads towards a true cosmopolitan scene. It’s a long way from “NWAR” to the deep finesse of the six tracks on October’s ‘Loading’ EP (13:28 if anyone’s counting). Here, with blazing records like “T’malade” with its Didi B feature, and “Trop intense” with its biking-the-streets-of-Ivory-Coast video, Harley solidifies all the promise of his earlier work. When he arrived in our DSCVR studio for performances of “Plus de tristesse” and “Mula,” he lived up to the message on the top of his Instagram page: ENERGY ENERGY.

Watch videos by Harley: https://www.youtube.com/@HarleySupa

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