Depeche Mode - Freestate

Critics panned this for being the darkest DM album to date, but what I notice is this is the birth of the truely electro-acoustic DM. And a few songs have really jazzy arrangements.
PS: The sound saturation seems to come from the digital source. As such, I wonder if its a bug or a feature.
The band was:
David Gahan
Andrew Fletcher
Martin Gore

Additional musicians:
Kerry Hopwood – programming
Dave Clayton – keyboards, keyboard programming (all tracks); string arrangements (on Home)
Victor Indrizzo – percussion (on Barrel Of A Gun and It's No Good)
Jaki Liebezeit – percussion (on The Bottom Line)
B. J. Cole – pedal steel guitar (on The Bottom Line)
Gota Yashiki – drums (on Useless)
Keith LeBlanc – drums (on Useless)
Danny Cummings – percussion (on Useless, Freestate)
Doug Wimbish – bass (on Useless)
Daniel Miller – System 700 (on Uselink)
Richard Niles – strings score, strings conducting (on Home)
Graeme Perkins – strings coordination (on Home)
Depeche Mode
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