Bru-C - No Excuses (Live) | Vevo DSCVR

Bru-C - No Excuses (Live). An exclusive performance for Vevo DSCVR, the channel for the best in new music.

Thanks to Beyoncé and Drake releasing projects that heavily draw from dance music, the public’s consequent heightened interest in the genre can only be a good thing for Bru-C. With origins as a rave promoter, the Nottingham MC lives and breaths the UK club scene - considered by many as the Garden of Eden of dance music. For many these sweaty dance floors are escape routes from the hardships of real life; Josh Bruce was no exception. “It’s important for me as a young, mixed-race lad from the Midlands to just be transparent,” he says about the “thoughtful edge” to his party tracks like “Paradise” and “No Excuses.” Specifically, Bruce/Bru-C (he says he can’t separate himself from his artist moniker) has been celebrated for leading the resurgence in bassline - a cultural subgenre of UK garage. His biggest streaming hit post-COVID “Streetside” led crowds back to the dance floors following lockdown. Latest track “Playground” kicks off with hyper drum ‘n’ bass percussion. In it Bru-C’s vocals act as a gravitational force, dictating ebbs and flows of energy. “This is England, the kingdom/The world is ours,” he smoothly declares. Confidence on Drake and Beyoncé levels, with beats to match.

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Vevo Executive Producer: Nick Calafato
Vevo Producer: Yomi Ogunsola
Vevo Production Coordinator: Debbie Ijaduola
Vevo Music & Talent: Jodeci Rampsard
Vevo Design Lead: Charlee Twigg
Vevo Edit & Grade: Helen Duque Avalos
Vevo Post-Production Coordinator: Scott Robson
Director: Dan Broadley
Director of Photography: Stephen Dunn
Steadicam Operator: Beau Pritchard-James
1st AC / Focus Puller: Lydia Stott
2nd AC / Loader: Esther Edunsi
Gaffer: Yeh Htoo Love
Light Operator: Josh Mansfield
Stills: Amran Abdi
Sound: Engineer Alex Archer
Runner: Wisdom Charis

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