Tha Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg - Who Da Hardest? ft. RBX, The Lady of Rage

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Director: Guap City Productions & Bigg Snoop Dogg
DP: Moon moon
Lighting: Tony Montana

Well, God damn, 
we at the last record
and uh it only made sense
for me to go to the east coast
and get at my nigga dj premier 
(Right here Right here) 
Yeah. You understand me? 
DPGC, full effect! Nah, we in full motion.
Shout out to all of the real players out there.
See, but it's one thing I've really been wanting to know for a long time, 
like, who is really the hardest motherfucker in the DPGC?
I really wanna know 
who the hardest motherfucker the DPGC is. 
Right here,
Right motherfucking now.

Hi. Right here, right motherfucking now.
Don't be a fool I bring this mule 
to your field and make it plow
I wear that crown bow down.
Don't go provoking her. Check how I Get down.
You don't know nobody dope as her. 
Look. What the gale blue in No need for Oprah.
Apocalypse now. Francine, Ford Coppola.
And I will rap decagons around you decepticons.
You could wish on a leprechaun
Can't f with my lexicon
My word play is bird of prey
Your whole song is just a swan.
You was straight until you fell
in a lake with the megaladon. 
So please deliver us
from this carnivorous
She be from Virginia's wilderness
Killing us with a syllabus, vile and villainous,
the hard hitter you might not make your past the weigh in.
conviction In my bars 
like I wrote this verse with a state pen
I kills it every time toe tag it and bury it
What's a turtle to a chariot
powered by secretariat
Kurupt Daz Snoop RBX marks the target
I'm a DPG demigoddess
I'm the hardest.

Tyrannosaurus rex complex,
the octagon 8 sides to this genetic aquatic Tyranidon
the template has been set. 
This winter sharks hit
Composing words of wizardry cold as the arctic
sip of this wonder potion 
poetics will start to spill 
the chamber change the motion 
devotion to spin the wheel 
toast and roast in the fricassee
In these tedious seals
I break the seal and bring back brimstone, 
fire and acid rain, the dune the harkonnens,
drastic pain, harsh and severe draconian 
the world will forever slumber
from here to Angolia 
sin suffering from panic and paranoia.
Now the homies is homies is onto ya.

Ready for the set now.
Bout to run through
veterano status
Ain't nothing brand new 
DPGC what the brand do
Step to the fire the heat will brand you
then they scream he'll be heated when sun run through
everything battle ready like written from sun tzu
blessed with the voice oh he must be the one
turn to the east and all praise the sun
and chamber might spin unorthodox again
too slick to outfox they can't box me in
everything burned down with sun run through
stupid let me show you how he slice right through
diamond is the edge that shimmer with the sparkle
concrete rooted for stan legible barkle
bark out now with it arc out owww
point blank range when he drop like wow
rest in power brother King Nipsey
Concrete Slauson so far from Poughkeepsie
a few blocks that-a-way
that's where the crips be
hot slugs keep you
on the move like a gypsy
whoa move super west with it
belieffully committed
fuck how the rest did It
long beach city
where that thing go jerk
and all my niggas know
is work, work, work

who the hardest
(who the hardest?)
Who the realest
(who the realest?)
in this rap game defined
I'm the illest
find your whereabouts
get your room hard
just get back and fess
who the hardest motherfucker
so who is the best
next up contenders step up on the scene
claiming they the motherfucking king
motherfucking queen
bring your A-game, bring it with all your might
when it comes to this dogg fight
it's on tonight
I'm a Dogg Pound veteran
years in this game
I'm a fuck over newcomers
they know my name
from coast to coast
I'm the nigga with the most
I do brag and boast
fuck you over get smoked
I'm the best on the set
I claim my throne
when it comes to this g shit
I stand alone
I'm the alpha and omega
from beginning to end
ayo Premier scratch it up
and cut the record again. 

*scratches* (Diggidy Diggidy Diggidy Snoop doggy doggy) 

I'm the reason why you
fucking with this
big boss dogg
bout to kickoff shit
gun clapping while y'all yapping
I don't trip off shit
I did my shit gave y'all more flavor to flip
showed y'all niggas how to mix
a bag of chips with that dip
I'm leading the ship
y'all talking while I'm pleading the fifth
biopiccin with this crippin
and I'm rewriting the script
d o double you in trouble
bout to bubble and simmer
cold coccin K Dottin
cause I'm humbling niggas
orchestrated and dedicated
now that we situated
I see you anticipated
family we celebrated
together forever 
dpg it will never end
party at the dogd house
nigga so settle in
drinks on me 
…. and smoke too
not to give a motherfuck
who you spoke to
stop with all the pandemonium
see now the homies is onto ya. 

Hey yo, this daz dillinger in case you forgot this dogg pound for life.

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