Depeche Mode - My Favourite Stranger vs My Song... Again?!

It happened again! For those who thought I was reaching for a one time similarity with the Ghosts Again comparison, well, this now makes 2 songs, 1 picture pose (so far) of things that 2023 DM has similarities to 2011-12 Official Version/Magnificent Lie. At what point do we wonder what's going on?

Direct audio comparison timestamps for this video:
1:53 - Proof of Isolation
3:34 - My vocals on Depeche Mode's instrumental
6:39 - Depeche Mode's vocals on my instrumental
10:36 - My first live performance of "Give Me Something"

Watch my other comparison video of Depeche Mode's "Ghosts Again" vs. my song "Nothing To Say" here:

I am a fellow Depeche fan too, but it's just a strange coincidence between my song & Depeche Mode's "My Favourite Stranger". Even the thumbnail photo poses & positioning (both photos taken in the era of the songs).

All I'm saying is, consider this... What if "My Favourite Stranger" had come out 11 years ago & I just came out with "Give Me Something" this year. Then, if a Depeche fan or Depeche themselves posted a comparison video like this one, you know that EVERYONE would be commenting saying "This guy ripped off Depeche". For those who are hung up on the "chord progression", it's way more than that. Also, if it's so common for this to happen, then how has DM gone 42 years without this happening before, and now all the sudden, it happens twice on one album to one person (me)?

In the end, try to interchange any two of the many songs out there, & none will match up like Give Me Something/My Favourite Stranger does using this sequence plus guitars, plus arrangement, plus building patterns throughout the entire song. Not just a 2-4 note snippet. If you do, then there is either a known connection, permission, or a lawsuit involved. Between Give Me Something/My Favourite Stranger, the full song arrangement, instrumental changes & vocal arrangements being identical throughout the whole song. Basically, the only significant writing difference in my song & "My Favourite Stranger" is the vocal melody/lyrics, but even his vocal melody hits with my strings in the last chorus.

For those who have celebrity bias or idol defense... Never forget that bands like Led Zeppelin & Coldplay took from unknown local artists thinking the little guy wouldn't notice. It does happen. This is not a straight accusation video, but more of a "how did this happen?" video. When two songs match this closely, there is usually a known or caught connection somehow whether legal or illegal. For those who think I'm reading too much into this, it was brought to my attention first by others. I'm not the only one. No matter what, this is not typical.

Just because I'm not "famous" doesn't make any of this not true. Remember when Andrew Fletcher was peddling "Exciter" as the new "Black Celebration"? Okay, right. Well, if you truly want that Black Celebration through Songs of Faith and Devotion era Depeche Mode back (but with new songs), throw my name at DM and I'll gladly produce and extract their awesomeness back out again by producing their next album.

All music, vocal melodies, & guitars on "Give Me Something" composed by M. Jason Allen aka Jason Mysteria aka Official Version aka Magnificent Lie, circa 2012.
"My Favourite Stranger" written by Martin Gore & Richard Butler.

Depeche Mode
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