3 Types of Deliverances // Fight Back (Part 5)

Does God forsake His children? Does God deliver you into the hands of the enemy? What authority do we carry as believers?

In this message, Pastor Vlad goes into the Word and explains three different types of deliverances. It's a sermon that is sure to fire you up!


Everyone is going to get delivered. Some of us are delivered from our enemies, others are delivered to our enemies. 

When God delivers TO the devil! 
Judges 2:11-15 - Did EVIL - SERVED Baals (2x). FORSOOK God (2x). FOLLOWED other gods. BOWED down. PROVOKED God’s anger. God DELIVERED them into the hands of PLUNDERERS. God SOLD them (Judges 3:8, 4:2, 10:7)

Judges 6:1 - Doing EVIL = deliverance TO the enemy. CRIED OUT = delivered from the enemy.

2 Kings 17:20 Lord REJECTED, AFFLICTED, DELIVERED to plunderers.

God GAVE them up to UNCLEANNESS - Rom 1:24
God GAVE them up to VILE PASSIONS - Rom 1:26
God GAVE them over to a debased mind - Rom 1:28

How to be delivered to the devil? 
a. They KNEW God but didn’t worship Him as God.
b. Exchanged TRUTH for lie. 
c. Exchanged GLORY for an image. 
d. PRETENDED to be someone you aren’t.

If God is not our King, we are on sale!
When we are delivered to the devil…
- Our body becomes our idol.
- Our passion becomes our prison.
- Our mind controls us.

Complacency - Compromise - Chain - Cycle - CRY

2. When God delivers FROM the devil! 

2 Chronicles 7:13-14 - Shut up HEAVEN. No RAIN. LOCUST devour land. PESTILENCE among MY PEOPLE! If MY people called by MY NAME! Humble. Pray. Seek. Turn from wicked ways.

God didn’t disown when He dispossessed. He didn’t disown when He delivered them.

How to get delivered from the devil?
— Humble yourself
— Pray
— Seek God’s face more than freedom
— Turn from evil ways

Matthew 6:9 - Our Father…. deliver us from evil (6:13)
Freedom is children’s food. (Matthew 15:26)

1 Corinthians 5:5 - DELIVER such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

Being in need of deliverance doesn’t mean that you lost your salvation but you lost your freedom. 

3. When the devil is DELIVERED to us!

Genesis 14:20 - Blessed be God who delivered your enemies to your hand.
Joshua 10:19 - for the Lord your God has delivered them into your hand.
Luke 10:19 - Authority to trample.
Romans 16:20 - Crush Satan under your feet.
John 5:8 - “Rise, take up your bed and WALK”

There are enemies God delivers you from but there are enemies God delivers to you.

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